Chess – John Versus Washington Square Park Legend, “Cornbread”

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Chess – John Versus Washington Square Park Legend, “Cornbread”

Have any of y’all see that terrific film – Searching for Bobby Fischer – the real-life story of chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin?

Well it was great. And Washington Square Park (in NYC) is where the young boy cut his teeth grappling with world-class chess hustlers.

John played against “Omar” nearly 1.5 years ago. The video of that has now been viewed over 10,000 times on YouTube.

Today, en route to a homeschooling History Fair I decided to swing by for another crack at them.

John sat down with the legendary “Cornbread”….and I took out my upgraded camera and filmed what was an absolutely terrific game:

Yes, John ALMOST won – despite hanging his bishop!

Not bad for an 8 year old!

Here’s the game (you can click through the moves):

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