Revisiting Geometry!

  It's a shame that schools don't teach kids geometry until 8th, 9th, or even 10th(!) grade. One, because it's an SAT subject they need to know. Two, because in my experience, almost all students love geometry - ESPECIALLY younger students. And three, because oftentimes it appeals to those who might not be enamored of [...]

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Terrific Math Book

If every future artist were forced to say....*master painting* first, then we'd disillusion untold numbers of future brilliant photographers, sculptors, musicians, dancers, graphic designers, filmmakers, etc. who didn't really care for brushstrokes and canvas. But on a smaller scale, this is precisely what educational institutions do with mathematics. School children the world over tragically equate [...]

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On Mental Math

You may have seen this guy on TV or on the web: He makes a big show out of squaring and multiplying large numbers in his head. I had seen Arthur Benjamin several times and was dismissive of his shtick because I, as a rather accomplished mathlete, had never before needed to be able to [...]

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Student Teaching

We just made another math video on quadratic equations: While we were shooting this one my son said, to me... "Dad, did you know that if you can teach something then you really, really know it well." Of course I knew I that. But I was curious...where did he hear it? "Oh I heard that [...]

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My Little Math Genius

  I've been meaning to make a video of him doing math for a while....and this is what we came up with. Note also that this was the very first time I asked him to stand up and use a board like this. His writing generally stinks but I think his presentation skills are pretty [...]

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Off-The-Chart Math!

A few days before her 4th birthday she finished Kumon's Addition Workbook - recommended for ages 5,6,7: Here she is at age 4.5, starting multiplication: Now mastering the basics only 3 months later, at age 4.75: That program is Math Rider - a terrific resource for learning the math facts. It's really a no-brainer investment [...]

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Spiraling Back

With math I prefer to forge ahead into progressively difficult material, and then spiral back to past, easier concepts for review and reinforcement. My daughter just spiraled back and did these four workbooks over the past 6 weeks. They're roughly 87 pages each: Grade 2 Addition Grade 2 Subtraction Grade 3 Addition & Subtraction Grade [...]

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