Living in London – Vacationing in Scotland!

It was a last minute sort of trip. We always knew we would do something local (UK or Ireland) this August because the more logical (i.e. warmer) locales like Spain, Southern France, and Italy are too jammed and too expensive this time of year. But we never actually got around to planning anything! We took [...]

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Living in London – Vacationing in Sicily!

We just enjoyed our biggest, best-est, family vacation yet. For 10 years Inez and I have dreamt of going to Sicily but the cost, plus having young children....well it all conspired to put the idea far on the back burner. But living in London has its benefits.  In this case, SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper flights to everywhere [...]

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London – Month #2

So as you can see we've done a lot so far! Here are links to some of those places: Cutty Sark National Maritime Museum National Army Museum Horniman Museum The Monument - (to the Great Fire of London 1666) Battersea Park HMS Belfast Tower of London Harrod's Harry Potter Studios Inez has been jetting off [...]

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Amsterdam Trip!

The first clip is just some of the raw footage I shot. The second video, below, is more instructive as it features my artful narration: Friday Our plane leaves London's Heathrow airport at 6:15 pm. The flight is only 50 minutes but we lose an hour on the time change. Cab to Marriott on Stadhouderskade [...]

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A Peek Inside The Ivory Tower

Alright the "ivory" was some of the paint color. And this "tower", not withstanding the 16 ft ceilings, is only on the second floor of the apartment building. Although here in London the Brits refer to the second floor as the "first floor"! Some of the books in that video can be found on my [...]

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Living In London – Week 1

Last Friday we arrived early in the morning, local time. It was quite a struggle to "ring" the real estate agent....and get her to meet us at our new apartment. My wife's Blackberry wasn't functioning (or was it, but we just didn't know how to dial UK numbers?) and it seems we were given the [...]

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Off To Europe!

That's right. And it's not just a trip either. We will be spending next year, ALL OF NEXT YEAR, in Europe. We are temporarily moving to London this January, for 12 months or so. And we'll use it as a launchpad to see as much of Europe as we can. (Flights are much cheaper to [...]

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